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Squirrel Hill News 8/7/2011  Buying Here: Squirrel Hill
11/29/2010  'Blighted' land in Frick Park targeted for homes
11/14/2010  Nine Mile Run gets healthy dose of help
11/10/2010  PGH cycling community celebrates the installation of 5 new miles of bikes lanes and sharrows
10/18/2010  The coffee flows early and often in Pittsburgh
7/9/2010  URA moves to subsidize several developments in Pittsburgh
6/30/2010  Why I Moved (Back) to Pittsburgh: Squirrel Hill
4/7/2010  Summerset builds up slowly
11/5/2009  Exhibit traces the 20-year history of Hitler Youth
11/5/2009  Learning German through music?
11/1/2009  Trail upgrades scheduled for city parks
10/5/2009  Sushi, sashimi, and mochi; best in Pittsburgh- Chaya
9/19/2009  Creators of airport banner for G-20 summit a close-knit group
7/3/2009  The American Front Porch at Squirrel Hill in Pittsburgh

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