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Point Breeze North

East Pittsburgh

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Photo Credit: John Altdorfer

Point Breeze North received its name from the Point Breeze Hotel, which was located along the Greensburg Turnpike during the early 1800s. This area is now the intersection of Fifth and Penn Avenues in the East End of the City.

One of the first planned suburban developments in the U.S. was begun in Point Breeze North after the introduction of the trolley during the 1800s. McPherson and Thomas, the major streets, emulate French boulevards, with wide, divided roads, floral islands, and a mixture of apartments and mansions. It remains as it was then: an area of distinctive and mixed historical styles, from Civil War rowhouses to 1920 villas and Victorian gingerbread homes.

Westinghouse Park derived its name from the Westinghouse mansion that was in North Point Breeze since its beginnings.

North Point Breeze has active residents who participate in block clubs and neighborhood associations for the overall advancement of their community.


Families in Point Breeze North enjoy a variety of educational options. The Pittsburgh Public School District - which was recently named one of the Country's Top Ten Large Urban Districts by - offers a mix of neighborhood schools and specialized magnet choices in or near Point Breeze North, including:
  • Pittsburgh Lincoln K-8
  • Pittsburgh Faison PreK-8
  • Pittsburgh Westinghouse 9-12
Please visit the Pittsburgh Public Schools website for more information.
If you are interested in private, parochial, or charter school options, please visit the "Education" section of our resource page for links.


The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh is one of the oldest and most respected public library systems in the country. Established by Andrew Carnegie as a public trust in 1895, CLP has 19 locations throughout the City of Pittsburgh. Neighbors in Point Breeze North enjoy these branches:
  • Homewood Library
  • East Liberty Library
For more information about the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, visit their website.

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