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Spring Hill-City View

North Pittsburgh

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Located north of Downtown, Spring Hill-City View is a picturesque neighborhood named for its hilly topography, panoramic view, and natural underground springs.

Abundant greenery, diverse residents, and a traditional neighborhood all translate into a desirable area for families to raise children and for seniors to enjoy their retirements. The location offers residents convenient access to I-279, I-579, and Route 28, and is well-connected to other parts of region. Spring Hill-City View's location gives the community easy accessibility to retail and recreation in both downtown and suburban areas.

Active neighborhood groups like the Spring Hill Civic League, Cityview Citizens Association, and Spring Hill Seniors work for the betterment of the neighborhood and promote opportunities for residents to become civically engaged.

Children's sports teams and a community ball field are maintained through the efforts of the Spring View Athletic Association. The senior residents can participate in two different groups: Spring Hill Seniors and Seniors From Spring Hill. Neighbors have worship opportunities at Holy Wisdom parish and St. Michael's ELCA.

Neighborhood businesses are thriving and consist of two corner grocery stores, Hamm's and Beatty's, Spring Hill Savings Bank, Brady's Memorial Home, Sky-Vue Terrace, and a host of residents who work as independent contractors from their homes.

Visitors are amazed at Spring Hill-City View's secluded, verdant beauty and frequently remark that they were not aware of this bedroom community nestled on the hilltop. All the neighborhood's amenities, coupled with a glorious view of the Pittsburgh region, add to the attractiveness of the community - one of Pittsburgh's best-kept secrets!


Families in Spring Hill-City View enjoy a variety of educational options. The Pittsburgh Public School District - which was recently named one of the Country's Top Ten Large Urban Districts by - offers a mix of neighborhood schools and specialized magnet choices in or near Spring Hill-City View, including:
  • Pittsburgh Spring Hill K-5
  • Pittsburgh Northview International Studies PreK-5 Magnet
  • Pittsburgh Schiller Classical Academy 6-8 Magnet
  • Pittsburgh Perry Traditional Academy 9-12 Magnet
  • Pittsburgh Oliver 9-12
Please visit the Pittsburgh Public Schools website for more information.
If you are interested in private, parochial, or charter school options, please visit the "Education" section of our resource page for links.


The Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh is one of the oldest and most respected public library systems in the country. Established by Andrew Carnegie as a public trust in 1895, CLP has 19 locations throughout the City of Pittsburgh. Neighbors in Spring Hill-City View enjoy these branches:
  • Allegheny Library
  • Woods Run Library
For more information about the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, visit their website.

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